Katie Carlone


yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetI just finished my soul contract reading with Katie, and was absolutely blown away with how it correlated to my life. It feels like it gives breath to the struggles I have encountered as they were part of my contract and it gives breath to my future as it is within my power and part of my destiny to change long held patterns. Thank you Katie, much love and gratitude to you, Pamela

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetThrough her highly intuitive talents and caring approach to coaching, Katie helped me find the path to work/life balance. She was genuinely committed to supporting me in opening my heart to access the wisdom and answers inside of me. Through our sessions I established a strong foundation to begin to create the life of my dreams and the positivity and determination to achieve my higher calling. My time with her as my coach has truly transformed my life. Life coaching with Katie was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. I recommend her highly!! Bonnie

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetDear Katie, Listening to your reading was like hearing the musical soundtrack of my life. Thank you for turning up the volume so I could hear the melody, harmony, beat and tempo. Now I can write the lyrics for the next half of my life. In Peace and Service, Gail

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetOMG, I just had the most amazing soul contract reading with Katie Carlone. Her reading brought to light my life’s purpose and my journey. Words can’t express the magnitude and power of this reading. I am deeply touched by her insight, love & understanding. If you haven’t booked a reading with Katie…I highly recommend booking one. Alyne

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetI’ve been wanting to say ’thank you’ ever since I spoke with my boss about reducing my hours. You were instrumental in preparing me for that meeting, and I am eternally grateful. You are such a gifted healer/coach/soul contract intuitive! Your words heal the soul and helped me find the strength to believe in myself. Misty

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbet“Katie, I can never thank you enough for the love and support you provided on our coaching calls. Your unique combination of warmth, experience, and wisdom were exactly what I needed to support me in the shift I am currently navigating. You helped me get clarity around a difficult life situation so that now I am able to see it for the gift it really is. With deep love and gratitude.” – Mary Kay

Contact me now and let’s schedule a session: katie@katiecarlone.com
yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetKatie, when I first started working with you, I was looking to purchase a business. I was floundering and having trouble deciding which opportunity would be a good fit for me. You helped me see things clearly, learn to trust my instincts and understand my reactions to certain situations. You helped me put together a clear plan, make clear decisions, and kept me focused as I went through the process. Thanks Katie — Mike

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetI just finished listening to the recording from our session, and I am so grateful, so blown away by your accuracy and by how all the little whispers and inklings that I’ve listened to and been drawn to were reflected in your reading! Thank you! Julie

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetMy coaching calls with Katie allowed me to open up my heart and bring back the love and respect for my own self that had been lacking for almost all of my life. This has enabled me to build the courage and confidence I need to set healthy boundaries and have the ability to say ’no’ without feeling bad about it! She has the gift to allow you to go within and to hear your own inner divine guidance and empowers you to trust in your guidance and follow through on it. I highly recommend Katie for any coaching sessions, as she has changed my life for the better in so many ways, words cannot describe how much. She is truly a divinely sent angel to me, living her life’s true purpose. Jaclyn

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetKatie, this was truly an amazing, empowering and important 90 minutes — your gifts and abilities are remarkable. Richard

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetThank you Katie — that whole soul contract session with you was amazing and mind-blowing. I have been able to open up to more of my creativity and manifest it, and I’m stepping into my power more and more. You are amazing and so much fun! Vivian

yellow stars in pink flower_pink sherbetI would highly recommend working with Katie. She’s a down-to-earth intuitive and life coach whose insight could change your life. I have listened to the recording of my soul contract reading over and over and over again. Each time I hear something that I missed. She is a beautiful, generous human being. Barbara