Katie Carlone

Soul Contract Readings

“There are two great days in a person’s life ~ the day we are born and the day we discover why.” — William Barclay

You are the Hero of your own journey

One of the most thrilling services I provide my clients is a Soul Contract reading. It is a great honor to discern and to witness the unique journey each person is traveling this lifetime. Although there are times when it doesn’t seem that way, I believe we are born on purpose, for a purpose, and it is our soul’s deepest desire to express and to experience itself through the life we are living right now. In a 90 minute recorded call, I use my intuitive skills and your birth data to reveal your own unique blueprint – the archetypal and energetic patterns of your life. We examine:
  • your innate disposition and the gifts you came in with
  • the tasks & lessons you are here to experience
  • how and why they challenge you
  • the meaning of your life, and your highest purpose and calling
  • a specific area of your life where you may want clarity & resolution.
The Talmud

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

– C.G. Jung

So often I hear my clients say “Finally, I am seen.” They often view themselves, the events and people in their lives in a whole new way, sometimes in a way that makes sense for the first time. For many, it is a validation that they are on their path. For others, it is a revelation that the parts of themselves they are hiding are the very gifts the world needs them to express. My goal is to bring you back to yourself — your highest self — so that you will fall in love with who you are, just as you are, and re-commit to being You, fully expressed, living the life you came here to live. The rate for this important, life-affirming 90 minute call is $225.

Follow-up Consultations

If after your reading, you would like to more fully align with your highest potential and your heart’s desire, I am happy to work with you as a guide and coach, or to suggest other resources appropriate for you. Many clients contact me for a follow-up consultation that reflects current energy cycles in their life, to address a specific issue, or to dig deeper into their contract. Sometimes we’ll address long-held limiting beliefs or emotional issues that are finally ready to be released. Follow-up sessions are $200. Contact me now and let’s schedule a session: katie@katiecarlone.com