Katie Carlone

Coaching Services

If all it took were a goal and a to-do list, you’d be there by now. What’s in your way?

Are you stuck, restless, overwhelmed, or anxious — caught between where you are now and where – or who – you want to be? Perhaps you’ve tried to analyze an important decision or situation, but something is still missing. Or, you’re ready for a change, but don’t know where to start or keep getting in your own way. Maybe all you know is what you don’t want. Wherever you are, I can help you.

What is the change you long to create?

More clarity and confidence to achieve an important goal or overcome a challenging situation? Work that inspires you? A sense of purpose in your life? Emotional freedom and more fulfilling relationships? I know from personal experience what is possible when you face your worst fears, align with your highest self, and co-create your own perfect solution. The world needs You, living full-out. What is possible for you?

blackbird sky_pink sherbet photographyIn guided phone sessions, I will support you to

  • Access your inner wisdom to reveal what’s possible for you
  • Face your fears and get out of your own way
  • Create a step-by-step plan & take action
  • Identify & create supports that keep you on your path
  • Create a fundamental shift in the way you view yourself, others and the world
  • Leave the limitations of your past behind and create the future you desire.

Say YES to your life

Take the next step and contact me to see if working together is right for you. I offer a thirty minute complementary session to explore this with you. Coaching sessions are $150 each, and are customized exclusively for you. See Pricing/Contact Me for specially-priced packages that combine coaching with a soul contract reading.
Contact me now at katie@katiecarlone.com
It’s daunting to think that you can step into who you really are, and live a life of purpose and joy. It can actually feel safer to keep things the same, to live small, inside all of your excuses … I know, I’ve been there. But staying stuck is no way to live, and there is a part of you that knows that, too.

As your coach, I will

  • Activate powerful life skills & concepts that support you for the rest of your life
  • Hold you accountable – and be your biggest cheerleader
  • Create a safe space for you & walk with you step by step
  • Embrace your light and your dark – and help you to do the same, even through your excuses & fear
  • Keep it grounded & real – and true to who you really are
The Talmud

“Every single blade of grass has an angel leaning over it whispering grow, grow, grow.”  – The Talmud

Instead of judging yourself or your situation, see your experience for what it really is — a grand invitation, a catalyst, to move into the next highest version of yourself … to move from what is to what wants to be. Your life is calling you to make a change, and that’s not easy. But you can create a better life for yourself, starting right now. You have to take the first step, but you don’t have to do it alone.