Katie Carlone

About Katie

Seeker / Guide / Counselor / Coach / Alchemist / Teacher / Cheerleader / Spiritual Director / Truth-teller


Katie’s First Grade Portrait The oldest of 6 kids in a military family, I wore glasses, braces, and was as shy as you could be. Convinced I wasn’t good enough, I learned how to lay low and play small while trying to be a good girl and make everyone happy. This followed into my career, where I reluctantly took leadership roles, won awards and appeared to be successful. But behind my winning smile, I was terrified that others would reject me the moment they knew the truth about my flaws and imperfections. Exhausted from people-pleasing and migraines, I vowed to relinquish this no-win game, and sought a new way. Through faith, inner work and studies in psychology, spirituality and energy healing, I was led to great teachers. Their liberating work on how to embrace my fears and surrender to my divine birth right changed me forever, and keeps me traveling this path today and every day. After 30 years in the corporate arena, I’m proud of the many practical and inspiring programs I created, proud of how I learned to stand up and be heard, to find calm in the center of chaos, and to trust when the path was not clear. I believe that all of our life events – both the positive and the painful – contain seeds of wisdom that, when embraced, give us exactly what we need to be a powerful force for the collective good.  I want to share this journey of empowerment with you now.
Anaïs Nin

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anaïs Nin

My calling…and how I can help you

Now it is my life purpose to help you come to know your true, amazing self, and to put your gifts out into the world and experience the joy of honest expression and service. Whether we work together in privately or in a workshop or teleclass, I will help you uncover and own your own gifts, get out of your own way, shape your dreams, live in harmony with yourself and others, and take action that will change your life.
Contact me now and let’s schedule a session: katie@katiecarlone.com

My clients

I particularly enjoy supporting clients who have a sense that their own insecurities and behaviors are holding them back, but have a deep longing and commitment to stop playing small and start living life “full out.” This is often experienced in the area of their career or how they express their creativity, but can also be felt in relationships and in other areas where they feel stuck, or need a strong accountability partner as they move toward fulfilling their dreams. Regardless of the goal, the most profound results come from learning how to accept and embrace who they truly, powerfully are…and that changes everything.

What I know for sure

If you are ready to step into a higher vision of yourself, if you are ready to be who you really are meant to be — you will be inspired and transformed by our work together. Step-by-step, in a safe environment, it is my heartfelt promise to support you with honesty and integrity as you take increasingly bolder steps outside your comfort zone. You can do it!

My training

Life is the best teacher. My fears — and desires to work through them — inspired me to study with Debbie Ford at JFK University’s Ford Institute for Transformational Training, to become a certified integrative coach in 2006. In 2011, I completed a life-changing 3 year program of study with Robert Ohotto, and became a practicing Intuitive Life Strategist, offering soul contract readings. Deborah King’s LifeForce Healing program taught me the power & practicality of integrating body, mind and spirit. Throughout the years, Lynn Robinson’s books and personal coaching have taught me how to use my own inner guidance as daily nourishment.