Katie Carlone

Create A Life You Love

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”  — George Eliot

You are here for a purpose, on purpose. Playing small & staying stuck is no longer going to work for you. Let’s find out what’s possible for you & Go For It! You are the Hero of your own journey. My goal is to bring you back to yourself – your highest self – so that you will fall in love with who you are,  just as you are, and re-commit to being You, fully expressed, living the life you came here to live. You cannot get there on intellect and logic alone. These revered tools are necessary but not sufficient. Without the higher-sourced intelligence of your own heart, your decisions and choices can never be a true reflection of your whole, magnificent self. I can help you navigate the path between your head and your heart, between the inner world and the outer world — your path to freedom. We each have a story to tell — the story of us. We can allow this story to define us and keep us small, or we can see it in a new way and allow it to transform us. Whatever your past, you are not here by accident. You are here in this moment to create something new – a new idea, a new perception, a new reality. Welcome to the world of transformation!  Just by being here, you have already invited it in. Take it to the next step! Contact me for:

Transformational Coaching

  • resolve an immediate challenge, or one that just won’t go away
  • access higher-sourced intelligence to make an important decision
  • access courage & confidence you never knew you had
  • starting today, build a bridge to the future you long for
  • get out of your own way — replace out-worn beliefs & sabotaging behaviors with ones that reflect your highest self
  • find peace in your heart for a painful relationship (living or past), & find love again

A Soul Contract Reading

  • connect and awaken to your unique life blueprint — your purpose, passion, challenges and opportunities – and map your next steps; get follow-up support to meet your challenges & goals head-on